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Posted By: Bobert
07-Sep-06 - 08:45 PM
Thread Name: Can't make Getaway this year now ;-(
Subject: RE: Can't make Getaway this year now ;-(
Ummmmm, I had been thinkin' a lot recently 'bout the Getaway 'casue me and the P-Vine deserve a few days of quiet 'n peace an then I got a PM from Ebbie tellin' me that she wasn't goina make it and then I read here that KT and the Capt'n hisself ain't gonna make it so I figurated that maybe this is a year that I jus' should take the P-Vine off to some out-o-season beach cottage that weekend and get that quiet 'n peace that we both need so...

.... at least fir now, I'm leanin' heavily toward doin' just that.... Yeah, me and the P-Vine for 3 'er 4 days with no TV, no noise, no telephone, no electricity...

(No electricity, Bobert??? What, are you nuts???)

Okay, electrcity...