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10-Sep-06 - 10:00 PM
Thread Name: BS: Funerals and Other Boring Stuff
Subject: RE: BS: Funerals and Other Boring Stuff
Sorry--should have said "I've been attending Catholic wakes my entire life" not "adult life".

I'm not a practicing Catholic. I abhor the hierarchy and dogma. But the rituals are there for a reason, and I have no problem with the concept of why Catholics celebrate the seven sacraments. The older I get, the more comforting I find them.

Azizi, Catholics do still do something similar (sometimes) to what you described as the procession before the family/saying goodbye to the deceased. It is a very emotional part of the ritual, but it's purpose is meant to be cathartic. That is the purpose of funeral rituals in all cultures, whether religious or pagan. Catharsis is what funerals are supposed to be all about. It is the first step in healing, and usually involves a bit of anger and hysteria. Both those reactions are normal and healthy. Being frozen, not being able to open up emotionally, is much more difficult for those who are grieving the loss. Much, much more difficult.

We need support when we lose loved ones. Always have, always will.