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Posted By: GUEST,Broke Catter
11-Sep-06 - 06:40 AM
Thread Name: BS: Money help needed
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
I was surprised and touched to find this thread had surfaced again.

Perhaps I ought to have explained more at the time but I was very overcome, first with panic, and then relief. My madcap niece had gone on holiday and, like a lot of young people, hadn't thought about things like insurance or even an E111. She was with a few others and they hired a minibus.

Sadly the minibus had an accident which flung open the rear doors and she and another bounced out. It broke her neck. She was too sick to move to this country and we could get no real help from embassy staff etc, so the family got together to work out what to do. It cost £350,000 have an operation to put her out of pain, stablise her and get her back to this country. We all agreed that we would split the cost between us and my share was £15,000. Most of the family were able to take out loans against their homes, but I rent, so you may be able to understand my panic now.

Anyway, she is now back in an English hospital. She is still paralysed to a certain extent but our wonderful hospital in Manchester reckon they can get her up and walking within a year or two. It was a lot of money but everytime I look at her very smiley face I think it was worth every last penny.

As to my debt ... well it is difficult paying it off. I was already working full time but my income isn't great, and my repayments are just over £300 a month. I now work in the evenings and most weekends, packing boxes, which writes off folk clubs and most festivals, but is only for 3 years and then I'll be back.

Again, thanks for all the help, suggestions, and most of all encouragement and concern that Catters are famous for.