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Posted By: Richard Bridge
11-Sep-06 - 10:58 AM
Thread Name: BS: Money help needed
Subject: RE: BS: Money help needed
Was the holiday or hire booked in any way through a travel agent or online bookers? If they did not advise insurance or E111s then they may have been negligent. If they do not have records to prove they so advised your niece may have a pursuable case against them.

Did your niece get any vaccinations? If so and the doctors' surgery did not advise E111s they may have been negligent.

Were the rear doors (or anything else on the vehicle) defective? If so your niece may be able to sue the provider of the vehicle. If it was in the EC (looks likely since you mention E111s) your niece may be able to sue the provider of the vehicle here and enforce the judgment there.

Was the driver at fault - see above. He she or it may be insured. In fact in many places you can't hire a vehicle without taking some insurance.

Which jurisdiction did the accident take place in? Have you checked your niece's contents insurance and/or the terms of her credit cards - there may be some odd provision insuring something.

Did the road conditions contribute to the accident or aggravate the damage? More fun for lawyers....

I really really think your niece needs to talk to an ambulance chaser, preferably a solicitor experienced in these fields. But also scrabble around hard for any insurance that maybe useful...(maybe even an insurance to cover the cost of bringing a lawuit)