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Posted By: Artful Codger
12-Sep-06 - 10:37 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Lucy Gray of Allendale
The tune from sheet music at the Lester S. Levy collection is entirely different from in the MP3 above. Here's an ABC transcription of the melody and harmony lines. Perhaps Joe/clone will MIDIze them and link them here.

The music includes an introduction and coda; I've marked the sections with embedded text, which should appear above the staff line. The tempo marking is a rough guess.

T:Lucy Gray of Allendale
S:Lester S. Levy sheet music collection
Q:"Andantino" 1/4=60
"Intro." d2 A>G | F3 D | EBAG |GF zE | DGFE | FdcB | Afed | ca^g=g | fefg |
f2 e2 | dFGA | BAdD | F>G TE2 | D4 | "Verse" d2 A>G | {G}F3 D |
EB AG | G3/2A/4G/4F E | F ^G A2 | d3 c | {c}BA Bc | A4 |
Ad fd | dc BA | Ad fd | dc BA | d>e fz | B>c Hd A |
G>A Fd | F>G E2 | D "Coda" ABc | d>ef z/A/ | G>AB z/d/ | F>G TE2 | D4 |]

T:Lucy Gray of Allendale (accompaniment)
K:D clef=bass
"Intro." D,2C,2|D,2F,,2|G,,2A,,2|D,2A,,2|B,,3C,|D,2E,2|F,2G,2|A,2B,C|DA,DG,|
A,2A,,2|B,,3A,,|G,,F,, z^G,,|A,,2A,,2|D,A,,D,,2 | "Verse" D,2C,2|D,2F,,2|
F,A,,D,A,,|E,A,,A,A,,|F,A,,D,A,,|E,A,,G,A,,|F,>E,D,z|G,2HF, F,|
E,>C,D,=G,,|A,,2A,,2|D,2 "Coda" z2|F,>E,D,z/C,/|B,,>A,,G,,z/G,,/|A,,2A,,2|D,A,,D,,2\]

Lucy Gray of Allendale

1. O! have you seen the blushing rose,
The blooming pink or lily pale?
Fairer than any flower that blows
Is Lucy Gray, Lucy Gray, is Lucy Gray of Allendale.

2. Pensive and sad o'er brae and burn,
Where oft the nymph they us'd to hail,
The shepherds now are heard to mourn
For Lucy Gray of Allendale.

3. With her to join the rural dance
Far have I stray'd o'er hill and dale
Where, pleas'd, each rustic stole a glance
At Lucy Gray of Allendale.

4. 'Twas underneath yon hawthorn shade
That first I told my tender tale,
But now low lays the lovely maid
Sweet Lucy Gray of Allendale.

5. Bleak blows the wind and keen beats the rain
Upon my cottage in the vale.
Long may I mourn, a lonely swain,
For Lucy Gray of Allendale.

These words are very close to the McDonald version posted by Ferrara. Note that the Levy version has no chorus, but rather a simple repetition in the last line of each verse; this is only shown in the first verse. I added punctuation and converted f's into s's where appropriate.

The third line of the first verse of Ferrara's copy appears to be truncated.