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Posted By: Bob Bolton
13-Sep-06 - 11:52 PM
Thread Name: 10,000 Miles Away (On the Banks of a Lonely River)
Subject: RE: Bound To See My Mother 10000 Miles Away
G'day Barry,

I just searched my past postings (... 1648 of them!) to see if I had already posted this song (it takes a while for posted songs to be "harvested")- but no luck. I think I'll take this as an excuse to publish Sally's version to the Mudcat ... maybe I'll live to see it reach the Digital tradition!

A posting here will give the words (neatly laid out - if I remember all my HTML commands, admittedly not as bad as it used to be, when evrything had to be correctly coded!). I'll post an "ABC" version of the 'dots'. Even if you can't read music, there are some sites where you can drop in a copy of the ABC code and the site will play it back for you.

I'll also send of a MIDI file to Mudcat's MMario ... so that might find its way into the Mudcat MIDI files, so youm may be able to click on that and get an idea of the tune. I will PM you with my contact details, including my home email ... and I can send back a copy of the MIDI file ... and you only need to save that - then 'click' onit and your computer (if it has all the modern apps loaded) will play it back for you.