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14-Sep-06 - 01:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
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Well, out here in the West dogs are our bestest friends. Wallace McRae knows this, like all good Westerners do, and he writ a poem 'bout his dog. It's kinda like when Timmie fell down a well and Lassie...well, you know. This here poem kinda brings a tear to eyes of us folks out here.....

Old Bluffer         

I've long had to suffer you boys cussin' old Bluffer;
Good a pup as a feller could own.
But let me tell you a story that's both grim and gory
When that cow dog's true colors was shown.
Once old Bluffer'n me is rawhidin' you see
Fer a cow that is shellv and old.
She's twelve years past her youth 'n ain't got a tooth
In her head and she can't fake the cold.
She's lousy as well so this last arctic spell
Will for sure turn her titty-side up.
So we're pokin' around, searchin', coverin' ground,
Me, my hoss and old Bluffer, my pup.
As we're sicklin' along, I'm humrnin' some song
Then my hoss hits a hole hid by snow.
There's no time to get loose. I swaller my snoose.
Somethin' pops when we land and I know
That for sure a leg's been smashed like some egg.
But whose leg? My horse's or mine?
Then I guess I passed out.
Comin' to--ain't no doubt. Pony's gone.
I'm alone. Then a whine
From old Bluffer, my pard, who's been there standin' guard
And I'm thankful that I ain't alone.
Well old Bluff licks my chin 'n wags me a grin
Then I move and I stifle a moan.
I'm gittin' cold and I quiver. The pain sends a shiver
And I pass out again for a spell.
When I come up for air that good dog is still there
But my future looks shorter than hell.
As the waves of pain rage, I tear out a page
From my faithful old worn tally book,
And I carefully write a note of my plight
And location where searchers should look.
With my wild rag I waller old Bluffer a collar
And I carefully tie on my note.
I don't give him no choice.
In my no-nonsense voice "Bluffl Go home!"
Said with tears in my throat.
Can you guess the rest of old Bluff s hero test?
Well sir, you can all see I ain't dead,
But I find myself wishin' I could shed this suspicion
I got rollin' round in my head.
When them boys cut my track,'n brought me on back
Almost out of sight they found Bluffer
Right there by the trail a-waggin' his tail
Curled up, restin', watchin' me suffer.