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Posted By: Barry Finn
14-Sep-06 - 06:02 PM
Thread Name: 10,000 Miles Away (On the Banks of a Lonely River)
Subject: RE: Bound To See My Mother 10000 Miles Away
Hi everyone.
Thanks Bob for posting the midi of Sally Sloan's singing. It's not near the same as Jeff's. I just PM'd you prior to reading this. I should ring you with what I have as Jeff's version of this.

And Thank you Brian for putting Jeff onto this thread. I'm sure it was quite a pleasure accompanying Jeff on this song. I'd classify it in the family of "Dead Mother" songs except it doesn't sing as a "torch" or "tearjerker" song, it has far to much Bold & Brassy Class to be lumped in with the rest of that family's style.

Hi Jeff & thanks for all the additional info. I got the song from Jeff Warner who mentioned it was from your collecting of it but I didn't get much more about it. I love to hear your rendition of it, maybe when we cross paths next I can ask you for it, if it's not a bother? It sounds like you & Dick were becoming friendly with Fred sorry to hear that he passed on. Hope the tour's going well & you're having a great time. Looking forward to your new CD.