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Posted By: GUEST,Jack Campin
14-Sep-06 - 08:08 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Old Scottish Lament / Fear a Bhata
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Old Scottish Lament / Fear a Bhata
Here's a very different version of the tune from the usual one. It's from the papers of Ian Mac Calum, who I think was one of the editors of the Mod's arrangements in the1890s. The original is in Curwen solfa.

T:Fhir a bhata
S:notebooks of Ian Mac Calum 1890, NLS Acc.12529
S:volume beginning Piutharag nan Gaol
K:A Minor
A,>A,|C2 C> D E> G |B,2 A,>G, C>B,|A,2 A,>B, C> A,|C2 G,E,
C> A,|C2 C> D B,>A,|C2 D`E   A,>G|E2 D`C   A,>D |A,2 A,2||
C> A,|C2 C> D E> G |B,2 A,G, E2 |A,2 G,>A, C> A,|G,2 E,2
C> B,|C2 C`E D> C |D2 E`G   A> G|E2 D> C A, E> F |G2 G2   A> c |E2 D>`C B,>E|A,2 G,>C A,2 |C2 G,E,
C> B,|C2 C> E D> C |D2 E`G   Ac |E2 D`C   A,>E |A,2 A,2|]