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Posted By: Nigel Parsons
16-Sep-06 - 12:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: Car Quiz
Subject: BS: Car Quiz
All answers are models of cars (with my usual warning about spelling variations). You are not required to give the maker's names, although "I've got a little list" in case they're wanted.

Please don't post answers, give others thinking time. You can PM me if you're stuck and want a quick(er) answer, or post to the list to claim 50% or 75% success (or100%). or to say which questions are really bugging you. But Please don't give it all away too soon.

Nigel (Time Waster General!)

1        What name is given to a male deer, or an all male gathering?
2        Which everyday item of confectionary has the least fattening centre? (known by a different name in the states!)
3        Which island is in the bay of Naples?
4        What name for an unknown god, or for Brahma, is also used to describe one's soul or spirit, particularly in the title of a Dennis Wheatley book?
5        Which is the eighth sign of the zodiac, covering parts of October & November?
6        What measures 105mm * 148mm ?
7        What fruit is used to flavour Kirsch?
8        What is the favoured weapon of Whitbread & Sanderson?
9        What musical term means 'at a quick, lively tempo' (slower than Presto)?
10        What word describes the winner of a physical competition (usually male)?
11        Name the family, a Dr Who, The Monocled Mutineer, & Charlie Burrows (in The Upper Hand)?
12        What is the name of the hot humid wind originating in the Sahara which blows into the Med, and onto the Canaries?
13        What, according to Baden-Powell's original ideas, was the basic unit of the Scout Association?
14        What translation of 'Master' is often used to refer to a conductor?
15        Who painted the destruction of 'Guernica', the first victim of saturation bombing?
16        What word describes a skirt with the hemline above the knee?
17        Which Spanish island of the Balearic Islands lies southwest of Majorca. The island attracts tourists and artists and has Roman, Phoenician, and Carthaginian ruins?
18        What is the last word of the motto of the RAF ?
19        What word describes the outermost part of the rind of an orange, lemon, or other citrus fruit, used as flavouring?
20        From what is cochineal prepared?