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Posted By: Devilmaster
17-Sep-06 - 03:31 AM
Thread Name: Origin: Sloop John B
Subject: ADD: Nassau Bound (arr Tom Lewis)
Maybe someone has more info on this:

If anyone has the book 'The folksong fake book' by hal leonard publishing, has the song listed as 'Nassau Bound'.

Tom Lewis did this version on his last album 360 degrees.

Words and music: Traditional © Hal Leonard Corp.
Arrangement: Tom Lewis
(Recorded by Tom Lewis on 360° All Points of the Compass)

There's no better place than a sailin' ship to get an education,
You learn how to tar the ratlines down and drink up your rum ration.
So, hoist up the John B's sails, see how the mainsail sets,
Call for the Captain ashore, let me go home.
I wanna go home. I wanna go home. I feel so break up, I wanna go home.

We sailed on the sloop John B., my grandfather and me,
'Round Nassau town we did roam,
Drinkin' all night, got into a fight,
I feel so break up, I wanna go home.

We carried the ladies to Nassau town, like other sailin' boats,
There was twenty trunks down in the hold all full of petticoats,
But the First Mate he got drunk, broke up the ladies' trunks,
The constable come on board to take him away,
Sherrif Johnstone, please let me alone,
I feel so break up, I wanna go home.

We eat aboard the sloop John B. food of the very best,
Bur Cookie he never calls it food, he only call it a mess,
Then Cookie took "the fits", throw 'way all of the grits,
Then he took and throw 'way all of the corn,
Let me go home. Won't you let me go home,
I feel so break up, I wanna go home.