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Posted By: GUEST,Jeff
18-Sep-06 - 08:05 PM
Thread Name: Pitching a Song
Subject: RE: Pitching a Song
Hi Barbara,

Yes, I would recommend making appointments as opposed to sending out cds. You'll be taken more seriously. If you arrive at the time scheduled and the receptionist is told to ask you to 'leave it'(your demo)...walk. There's THOUSANDS of pubcos and your songs are unique. They(the pubcos) NEED you. Publishers rarely listen to demos unless the writer is a 'known commodity' to them. Most of the time unsolicited demos are filed in the circular or listened to by an unpaid intern. Either way the chances of the song(s) being heard by the artist are very, very slim. A 'song plugger' will be more receptive as their living is made by seeking out the 'unpolished' or 'unsigned' and connecting them up with artists looking for songs.

There's no tried and true method. Each situation is different. The ring of authenticity comes from experience.

Garth Brooks is quoted as saying, "You can't bury a great song. Dig a hole, throw dirt over it and it'll claw its way out and find who's supposed to sing it."

Stephen Bishop is quoted as saying to a publisher who hit FF for the third time on his demo cassette(in those days), "Next time press rewind."

Would also recommend finding a copy of Kenny Rogers' long out-of-print book called 'Making It With Music' and reading it from cover to cover. Songwriters need sensitivity and belief in equal measure.   Jeff