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Posted By: Scoville
21-Sep-06 - 11:01 AM
Thread Name: OK occupations for folksingers.
Subject: RE: OK occupations for folksingers.
Yeah, you can laugh at those librarians until you need some reference help to track down variants of Child ballads. I also have a friend who, while not a librarian, works for a library and has made friends with the people who select the music acquisitions. Power where it counts, my friends.

Most of the traditionally-acceptable folksinger occupations--cowboy, lumberjack, miner, engineer, hobo, convict--are either pretty outdated or are particularly hazardous for women, so I've had to settle for being one of those derided librarians. Well, sort of. I work in an archive (but I have to carry heavy boxes around, if that makes it more acceptable). I could probably take up one of the female folksong trades but most of them seem to be arrestable offenses. I've been a dishwasher and vet tech in the past and actually did come up with some song parodies about those.

I know one guy who's a lawyer and another who's a judge. I think they're more folksingers and heart; the J.D.'s just the meal tickets.