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Posted By: Bob Bolton
22-Sep-06 - 02:56 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Give Me a Home among the Gum Trees
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: to an australian song
Damn it Rowan!

You've just doomed yourself to tracking down "the LP belong(ing) to Disie Bragg" of the songs of an Eltham/Christmas Hills/Warrandyte celebrity known as "Captain Rock". (Not my territory ... the last time I was in Warrandyte was about 1966 - to buy a very accurate .22" calibre semi-automatic rifle ... but that's another story!)

I guess that a lot of the "messages above seem to be dismissive of its apparent sentimentality" - but bands I was in (say: 1980s, et seq) all did it ... with the right audiences (more likely a bunch of kids or teenagers - than the annual conference of the Australian Folk Lore Society!). We had fun with it - always treated it as something less than serious ... indeed, with a measure of McGrath's "tongue-in-cheek" - but it was a good fun way to get kids thinking about the 99.9% of Australia outside of the capital cities. In a way I regret the popularity of the re-jigged version for the Burke's Backyard program, since it moves a bit away from that aspect of the original - but the song'e a lot of fun.