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Posted By: Bassic
22-Sep-06 - 06:53 AM
Thread Name: BS: Car Quiz
Subject: RE: BS: Car Quiz
As NP seems not to be around at the moment maybe I can clear up spaws question.
Strictly speaking, Peugeot used the "Zest" name, not for a specific car, but as a "trim and equipement pack" description for "budget" versions of several cars in the range. It was used a bit like "GTI" is used for "sports" versions of different models in a manufacturers range. The Honda Zest is a model in its own right however. And yes, to the best of my knowlege there was no Vauxhall only a VW version of no.12 so I suspect a typo ;-).

I gave the same answers as you did spaw, to those two questions and got credit for the full 20, so I think you can safely say you have got them right too.