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Posted By: John on the Sunset Coast
24-Sep-06 - 06:46 PM
Thread Name: Spotlight on Bud and Travis now on CD
Subject: RE: Spotlight on Bud and Travis now on CD
Les, that is truly the sign of senility for me that I don't (well perhaps vaguely) remember the exchange. I don't know if you're still in SoCal, but McCabe's is still ther on Pico. I am actually acquainted with someone who did study with Bud, Joanne Montana, who performed around Pasadena for many years--and may still--but I've lost track of her. In fact, during one of her sets she acknowleged her study with 'the late' Bud Dashiell. That was the first I had heard he had died, and it sure spoiled that evening. BTW she was not announcing his death, but told me during her break that he had died several years before.
Les, we can do this again in 18mos. ala Groundhog Day or deja vu all over again.