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Posted By: Wolfgang
26-Sep-06 - 05:30 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Ain Geyer ist ausflogen in English
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Ain Geyer ist ausflogen in English
Snuffy, it could be but I don't think so, for in the many websites on the 'Bauernkrieg' leaders with these names are not mentioned (though these are proper names)

Two more ideas, alternatives to my yesterday whim):
(1) Schinder and Schaber are names of two professions whose task is to remove dead animals from the streets (knackers, skinners). These two professions (and the people doing this work) were looked down on. So it could mean: (Even) skinners and knackers (freely: the lowest of the low) are now in high spirits.

(2) 'Schinder' aquired another meaning (already known then and today the only meaning that is used) is a person (the dictionary says 'slave-driver') who forces people to do extremely hard physical work (a sports coach could be called a 'Schinder' today). So Schinder could mean an oppressor, but I don't know another meaning of 'Schaber'. But read in that way the line might mean:
The oppressors feel too good

I'll have a look into Steinitz tonight. He usually prints several versions and has a lot of annotations. If he has a comment that will be (very likely) the definitive decision.

Wolfgang (who today prefers the first of the two versions in this post for the line in question)