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26-Sep-06 - 11:42 AM
Thread Name: BS: Monsey's (non) Kosher Chicken Crisis
Subject: RE: BS: Monsey's (non) Kosher Chicken Crisis
"There have been many definitions of life created over the years, but there has yet to be a single definition accepted by all. Every definition has had to face down challenges to its validity. According to Carol Cleland of the University of Colorado, this is because definitions are concerned only with language and concepts; they can't expand our understanding of the world. We can only define things we already understand." Astorbiology Magazine
A current definition of life according to some is the DNA one, that any lifeform has an instruction manual.
Paul, will say "of course" as if that explains it. Why of course. And if there is an instruction manual, are you tell me there is no instructor whatsoever? hmm, stranger and stranger as Alice once said.
The whys, why is the world so perfect, why is the "chaos" and "randomness" controlled to perfection and who does it. Ah, yes, we do it all ourselves. How does that make any logical sense, folks?