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Posted By: chantal
26-Sep-06 - 01:49 PM
Thread Name: Spotlight on Bud and Travis now on CD
Subject: RE: Spotlight on Bud and Travis now on CD
Very pleased to confirm that B&T were not "kidding on the square,"' but that their on stage banter was conceived purely in a spirit of fun and entertainment, not hard feelings. In recent years people have started dwelling on the less positive side of things, and it would be a shame were that to overpower the sense of mirth which listening to their albums or attending their shows always resonated.

I'd be concerned that resurrection and perpetuation of one negative aspect of their personal relationship could not only come to overshadow their stunning musicianship, but in particular, their talent for platform comedy. If there was ever a group that was TOGETHER on stage, it was Bud & Travis.

While original remark may have been intended as tongue-in-cheek, it does sound like underlying animosity is the first thing that comes to mind when B&T are mentioned.   Were our enjoyment of any given group to rely on its congeniality, perhaps we'd soon find it difficult to listen to any of them.

Guess I have started an essay all right, but I wonder if others would agree that emphasizing B&T's offstage relationship ahead of all the brilliant aspects of the group really does a bit of a disservice to the memory of Bud Dashiell. Without question, stressing the downside of things as opposed to their musical and comedy achievements hardly brings good cheer to Travis Edmonson when he encounters same around the internet, making him believe that what he's foremost remembered for is not getting along with Bud.

Best to All / Chantal