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Posted By: White tiger
26-Sep-06 - 03:44 PM
Thread Name: BS: Peter K (Fionn) has legionella
Subject: BS: Peter K (Fionn) has legionella
Hi guys, it's sorcha fionn's daughter.
Recently my Dad has been taken into hospital with legionella and he wanted me to inform you all incase anyone had been trying to get in touch with him.
He went to casulty was then sedated for 6 days in intensive care. Doctors did not think he would make it and so me, my mum and my uncle went back to england to be with him and my grandmother.
they found out he had legionella and said that they thought he would still not make it but then they took him off sedation and he was ok for a while. then he went back on for sme reason that I am not sure of yet then he was back off it and is now in his own room on a ward. He now has ecoli and the hospital superbug MRSA. He has great luck lol. But he is making a full recovery and is expected to come out of hospital soon.
He sends this message, " hi everyone, I'm in hospital but well on my way to getting better. And just wanted to let you know that me and sorcha (White tiger) are definately up for Portaferry next year if everyone else is!"