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Posted By: Barry Finn
28-Sep-06 - 09:47 PM
Thread Name: BS: US Welcomes back legal torture
Subject: BS: US Wecolmes back legal torture
The Senate just passed the president's torture bill 65 to 35. Has the Senate just gone loco, repeating history is a bad enough way to learn a lesson but this just crazy. We were found to be in violation of the Geneva Conentions by the Supreme Court. So now we pass a bill that says it OK to be in violation of the GC as long as we do it our way. The president gets to define what's torture, the GC already does this & our guy can't even define the Bill of Rights, hope the next guy can. He also gets to define what an "emeny combatant" is, again the GC already does this but our guy has a problem with this!
The CIA isn't subject to this new law/bill, so now they're above the law? So now we'll break international again spend mucho time & dollars & again ride this bill to the Supreme Court again only to be told we're STILL in violation of the GC. What then, another repeat? This was a strict party line vote, except for Joe Liberation from Conn. The 90 billion that they're about to spend on a fence around Mexico, we ought to put the fence around DC & only allow those with an average intellegence or better in. In this case stupidity should be a criminal offence. Sometimes I just think "where's that guy with the gun when you really need him"!