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Posted By: Desdemona
29-Sep-06 - 12:30 PM
Thread Name: BS: US Welcomes back legal torture
Subject: RE: BS: US Wecolmes back legal torture
I'll add my voice to the growing chorus of Americans who feel absolutely nauseated at what continues to be done in our name. I didn't vote for the current administration, nor do I approve or condone their actions, and yet as an American citizen I am identified with them; our "leaders" are steadily dragging this country backwards into barbarism, and exposing us in the eyes of the world as the imperialist savages we are always accused of being.

A nation which numbered the separation of Church and State among its founding principles looks increasingly like a theocracy, and a repressive one at that. Our government can legally infringe upon our basic "rights" to privacy and free speech. GUEST's post above in re: the relative "safety" of expressing opinions that might not to the party line is highly apposite; I'm afraid to think what atrocities will be committed next, before being retroactively marketed to us in the guise of "protecting our freedom". Dark days are indeed upon us.