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Posted By: GUEST,lox
29-Sep-06 - 05:04 PM
Thread Name: Pitching a Song
Subject: RE: Pitching a Song
before you do anything protect your song!

The best way to do this is to put a cd in an padded envelope (jiffy bag) and post it to yourself.

That's not it though ...

The post mark (with the date on) should be imprinted over the seal/flap where the envelope is closed. Half the post mark should be on the flap and the other half on the envelope it has been stuck down to. Try and get more than one mark.

Then add a strip af transparent tape to further seal the envelope shut. This will also be covering the postmarks.

When you receive your own post in the mail, you leave it unopened so that one day, when you are in court fighting for "ownership" of an original Idea, you can prove (by the date of the postmark and by the fact that the envelope has clearly not been opened since that date as to do so and reseal it convincingly and without doing damage would be almost impossible) that you have had that song since at least the date you posted it.

I hope that is helpful :-/

(If anyone wants gobbledygook lessons I am more than willing to oblige)