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Posted By: Bill D
29-Sep-06 - 09:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: US Welcomes back legal torture
Subject: RE: BS: US Wecolmes back legal torture
I too am sick at this new tendency to define the 'enemy' any way the govt. chooses....and besides flouting hundreds of years of stare decisis, it is logically circular.

"We reserve the right to 'detain' anyone we suspect of BEING the enemy, or giving aid to the enemy, and we reserve the right to HOLD anyone detained or accused for as long as we deem necessary"

In other words, if they 'might' be the enemy, we act as if they ARE the enemy, and naturally, the enemy in wartime has few rights...only the ones we grant them.

Wait for the day when simple political opponents are suddenly deemed 'enemy'.

Sound familar?