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Posted By: Don Firth
30-Sep-06 - 02:04 AM
Thread Name: BS: US Welcomes back legal torture
Subject: RE: BS: US Wecolmes back legal torture
GUEST, let's wait and see how the congressional election works out. If the Repubs lose sufficient seats, the Bush League will be without much of its support--and leading up to the elections, many Republican candidates are trying to distance themselves from the Bush administration. Most hopefully, contrary to your gloomy outlook, many Americans really don't like the way things have been going lately, in the war, the torture issue, foreign policy in general, and quite a number of other things, both foreign and domestic. "Fed up with screw-ups" I believe is the expression. So it could be interesting.

Time for other measures later. Coup? Possible, I suppose, but not bloody likely.

As we used to say out here in the Old West, "Don't go off half-cocked."

Don Firth