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Posted By: Folkiedave
01-Oct-06 - 03:31 AM
Thread Name: efdss and kennedy collection
Subject: RE: efdss and kennedy collection
Here´s what you wrote, talking about me of course.

Having bought Kennedy's library, you're trying to broker a deal to sell all his sound recordings to the US (and shame on you for doing so).

Well don´t let the facts spoil a good story.

I haven´t bought Peter Kennedy´s library. At a rough guess it is worth around 30,000 pounds. Where would I get that sort of money? Clearly you have a vastly inflated view of my wealth.

Secondly I am not trying to broker a deal to sell his sound recordings to the US.

I do not "broker deals" I am a retired FE lecturer with a hobby in buying and selling second-hand books about folk music, folklife and folklore.

However since you would hardly publish such a statement without any evidence would you be kind enough to tell me what it is?