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Posted By: johnadams
01-Oct-06 - 04:15 AM
Thread Name: efdss and kennedy collection
Subject: RE: efdss and kennedy collection
I am currently serving on the National Council of the EFDSS and acting as a Vice Chair (one of 4), my particular brief being marketing and promotion.

The Kennedy Collection HAS featured in our discussions and we are well aware of the issues and of what we can and cannot achieve.

Before his death, PK had indicated that he might bequeath his collection to the society. He also indicated the same to at least one other organisatiion. In the event he bequeathed it to nobody specific and the family are now in possesion of the archive.

People who know the issues are consulting with the family who will no doubt make suitable decisions in due course.

Anybody who wants to influence the action of the EFDSS in this issue is very welcome to join us and make their opinions known. The Annual General meeting is to take place at Cheltenham on November 4th. The days proceedings will include a memorial event for Peter Kennedy who was an EFDSS Gold Badge holder.

I the meantime, Malcolm Taylor OBE continues to develop and enhance our supremely important library and is preparing to receive a number of bequeathed personal collections including that of the most wonderful Cyril Tawney.

Also in the meantime, Vice Chair (Sustainability) Judith Hanson continues to develop the library's bid for designation so that a higher level of external funding can be sought.

All this is being funded by the people who ARE members of the EFDSS and who ARE trying to make a difference.


John Adams
EFDSS Vice Chair - Marketing and Promotion