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Posted By: johnadams
01-Oct-06 - 05:11 AM
Thread Name: efdss and kennedy collection
Subject: RE: efdss and kennedy collection
Hi Tom and Dave,

I heard a rumour that PK had bequeathed his collection to the Margaret Grant Library at Halsway Manor. It seems it was exactly that - a rumour.

PK's collection is in focus at the moment because of his recent demise. Let's not, however, lose sight of the bigger picture. There is a mountain of work to be done with other collections. I am working on three audio collections at the moment, one of which contains many thousands of recordings. I know of several other people dealing with similar archives. We're all working behind the scenes to make sure that future generations have plenty of stuff to stimulate their interest in performing old and writing new music.

I haven't been following the other threads. My work for the EFDSS, my fund raising for the vast Doc Rowe Collection and my recent work on the Paul Graney Archive proves quite time consuming without worrying about what might have been. Apart from that, I'm assuming that a lot of what is contained in PK's collection is replicated in the BBC archives - now there's a collection I'd like to liberate!