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Posted By: Folkiedave
01-Oct-06 - 06:44 AM
Thread Name: efdss and kennedy collection
Subject: RE: efdss and kennedy collection
Hi John,

My understanding is that is not a rumour.

I was contacted by a trustee of Halsway Manor Society who informed me that Peter had made a deed of trust to HMS, that they had checked that with the legal profession (SEFANĀ“s post said a judge - I suspect that may be wrong) and that the deed was watertight and that I should stop selling the books I had.

Since I was already in Spain and indeed spoke to them by telephone from here, that was not difficult!! I hope it is sorted by the time I get back at the beginning of November. I also hope that it is all sorted out amicably, and that no one goes down any legal route any further. If they do I suppose the only people to make any money will be the lawyers.