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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
02-Oct-06 - 02:51 AM
Thread Name: Pitching a Song
Subject: RE: Pitching a Song
No Barry, and its my positively last word. I made an invitation to this lady to talk about her song. I thought maybe, there was somebody out there who might help her popularise it further.

Because actually that is the name the name of the game. Derek brimstone is a guy who has scratched a living (on a scene that the factionalists and various fuckwits have damaged beyond repair)for the last thiry years. And in that time he popularised dozens of different songs - songs I would never have heard. Moreover someone so unsophisticated - I have never been able to explain to him the usefulness of a reverb unit. Do you really think Woody Guthrie or Leadbellys music would have become popular, if they'd said, sorry Cisco Houston - theres a price tag on that song. No, the only music to come out of the 1940's would have been the stuff the huge corporations had under it aegis(is that the word?) like Glen Miller.

The villains of the music scene are fairly easy to spot, should you meet them. they get you to sign contracts - promise you a fair price. then before their company has to pay any royalties, it mysteriously gets into financial trouble. Sometimes when your songs are still in the HMV shops and every motorway shop the length of England.

Actuallly after a point, you don't really care about that even. I was talking to another songwriter in a studio where we'd met up, and he was saying - well you knowthis business, after a bit you see these guys coming. you know you're going to be shafted, but the choice is have people singing and dancing to your music - or leave the 21st century to the genius of Robbie Williams.....

The first girl I ever really fell in love with said to me - Al, you're just trying to use me. with age, i realise, I should have been able to pass on the useful insight - that's the choice in life baby - be used, or be useless? those are the breaks.

Anyway, I retire from this thread herewith, having nothing to contribute to people fighting off offers of tours of America - giddy heights in the profession to which I have never ascended.