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Posted By: Bonecruncher
02-Oct-06 - 07:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: Back problems - please give weird help
Subject: RE: BS: Back problems - please give weird help
Hello GUEST Ian Pittaway.
I am an Osteopath known by many festival-goers, particularly at Sidmouth and Chippenham festivals.
As has been stated above. the first thing is to get a diagnosis. Unfortunately, as Richard Bridge stated above, GP's usually know less about musculo-skeletal conditions than do osteopaths, chiropractors or physiotherapists. If an osteopath needs imaging diagnosis (s)he will refer a patient, either through their GP or direct.
As regards the fact that manipulation "can do more harm than good", this is a view held by very few doctors, usually those still remaining from the Dark Ages. In fact, the treatment recommended by NHS for back pain is manipulation followed by gentle exeercise.
However, be careful of any GP who might offer to manipulate you himself! a number have gone on a weekend course and then think that they can manipulate you as well as an osteopath who has undergone a four-year full-time course!
A few GP's have also done a full-time course in osteopathy, when they will have the letters LCOM after their names.
I have four GP's as regular partients, all of whom are very happy with my treatment of them but although they are permitted by the GMC to refer patients, their contracts with their practices do not allow them, due to the bonuses achived by the practice for keeping the patients within house.
As for Osteopathy being "alternative", you will find quite a few osteopaths employed by the NHS!
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