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Posted By: Little Robyn
03-Oct-06 - 02:56 PM
Thread Name: Tune Req: Daddy Fox
Subject: RE: Tune Req: Daddy Fox
The chorus reads like Carrion crow. Found this hiding in an earlier thread. Does that work for your Daddy Fox?
ABC format:

X: 184
T:Carrion Crow
S:Stan Jones, Baker's Arms, Broad Campden
A,A,D2 D2D2|FFFE D4|B,2E2 EED2|F2E2 D4|
A,2DD D2D2|FFFE D4|B,2E2 EED2|F2E2 D4|
F3G A3A|G2E2 F2D2|F3G A2A2|G2F2 E4|
E2E2 A,4|EEEE A,4|B,2D2 DDA,2|B,2C2 D4||

This is from the version that Stan Jones sings at the folk club at the Baker's Arms, Broad Campden.

Carrion Crow

A carrion crow sat up in an oak
Ling dong dilly dong kai row lee
Watching a tailor stitching of a cloak
Ling dong dilly dong kai row lee

Hey, fa-la, fa-lee, falero
Hey, falero, lero lee
Up jumped John, ringing on his bell
Ling dong dilly dong kai row lee

Wife, hand me my oaken bow
I will shoot yon carrion crow

He shot his arrow but he missed his mark
He shot his old sow clean through the heart

Wife, bring brandy in a spoon
Our old sow is down in a swoon

The old sow died and the bells did toll
The little pigs prayed for the old sow's soul

And the carrion crow still sat up in the oak
Watching the tailor stitching of his cloak

We always sang the Young Tradition version of Daddy Fox but haven't sung it for years. (It was overdone at the time and we abandoned it!)