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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
04-Oct-06 - 12:55 PM
Thread Name: BS: Back problems - please give weird help
Subject: RE: BS: Back problems - please give weird help
where are you?

some chiropracters are very good, others not so great.

I've had more success with men chiropracters than women - I suspect a degree of strength is called for. but I could be wrong - it could be just coincidence.

There was a terrific one at the Nottingham Chiropractic Clinic called Paul Allason, but he moved up to Richmond in Yorkshire. the guy at Nottingham is very good

Or was very good -its a few years since I needed his services. I think you need to ask locally and find out what's on offer.

Paul was astonishing though. I was on co proxamol - maximum eight a day and the stuff wasn't even touching the pain. He poked his fingers right inside my back - and said look all your muscles have gone into spasm - they're in knots and he simply unknotted them, flattened them out with his fingers.

Then he loosened up the joints in the usual way with a collapsing bed sort of thing, and the short wave massager. They probably all have the same bag of tricks, but some of them are really talented.

I wish I could help better.