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Posted By: Azizi
04-Oct-06 - 08:41 PM
Thread Name: Children's singing games
Subject: RE: Children's singing games
I'm quite late with a response, but with regards to the Here Comes Zodiac song, the version that I was taught was "Here We Go Zoodio". I have "Zoodio" written "Zudio". I believe it's included that way in Bessie Jones & Bess Lomax Hawes' book "Step It Down: Games, Plays, Songs & Stories from the Afro-American Heritage" {University of Georgia Press, 1972}. Unfortunately, I can't find that book at the moment so I can't verify that spelling or the word or the words to that version of that song.

Mrs. Janie Mae Owens, a woman from Georgia, taught that song to children in our church's vacation Bible school when I was a child. Mrs Owens said she sung this song when she was a child. I've remembered it and introduced it to children in my community. The words to the version I was taught are are basically the same as GUEST Date: 28 Feb 06 - 11:39 PM posted, However, it ends before the "I look out yonder" lines. {though I've seen those lines elsewhere in collections of African American children's rhymes}.

The way I learned "Zoodio" was like so:
1. children chose one partner
2. the two partners stand facing each other
3. the two partners crossed their hands and held their partner's hand
4. while singing the first lines "here we go zoodio zoodio zoodio here we go zoodio all night long", the partners swing their crossed hands back and forth to the beat, and while standing still, also move their slightly bent knees up & down to the same beat
5. on the words, "Step back sally", the partners jump back and forth away from, and then toward their partner
6. on the words, "walking through the alley", the partners strut to another partner
7. the song begins again and continues in this pattern

This movement song is good exercise and fun to do for children, teens, and adults!