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Posted By: Peter K (Fionn)
05-Oct-06 - 11:56 AM
Thread Name: BS: Peter K (Fionn) has legionella
Subject: RE: BS: Peter K (Fionn) has legionella
Well, here I am, back in harness at the keyboard. There was a difficult week when the family, including Sorcha (White Tiger) were told I couldn't last more than a few days, but somehow things turned round. There was a big setback when e coli and MRSA added themselves to the concoction of killer infections in my system, but thewe were quite easily managed and this time a good outcome was always predicted.

I am out of hospital, obviously very much recovered, but amazingly weak. I weigh just over 10 stone (140 pounds, 62 kilograms) and need to gain more than 15 kilograms (34 pounds?) to get back to my normal fit weight. I am gradually becoming mobile, venturing a yard or two farther each day, like a cat charting out new territory.

Many thanks for all the messages, not only from friends, but also from those I've annoyed (Big Mick and WYSIWYG in particular in the latter category - especially WYSIWYG's self-constraint, LOL) Those from alanabit and kat bowled me over - I can't live up to that!

Best to all - Peter Kirker (aka Fionn)