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Posted By: Dave'sWife
05-Oct-06 - 12:10 PM
Thread Name: BS: Peter K (Fionn) has legionella
Subject: RE: BS: Peter K (Fionn) has legionella
Wow - so glad to hear you survived all that!

in 1994, I had a bout with a Strep throat which progressed to ulcered tonsilities that eventually turned into full blown Scarlet fever. Only problem was, none of the young doctors I went to had ever seen a case of Scarlet fever (Strep gone into the bloodstream, causing red rashes behind the knees, on the neck, inside thighs and in arm pits at first).

I was misdiagnosed first as having a spider bite which is common in Los Angeles and then when it spread, they thought it was an allergic reaction to detergent or soap. When I looked like a lobster, none of them could believe it wasn't a sunburn. When darker red welts formed over the suburn looking rash, I went to an emrgency room and got shut off in isolation becuase they thought I had German Measles or some rare tropical disease. Finally, a 73 year old doctor walked in, took one look at me, gave me the once over and said "Scarlet Fever, give the girl some penicillin and send her home."

I spent 2 weeks having to lay in the dark and not watch TV or read. Freinds came over and read to me using little booklights. I was bored out of my mind when I was awake which wasn't often. That series of illnesses took the bounce out of my bungee to quote Hutch of Wallace and Gromit's wererabbit film. When I emerged from it, I weighed 108 pounds (I'm 5 foot 11 inches BTW)!

Moral of the story - I lived through i!

Peter seems to have lived through his trial for which I am very grateful. I hope he doesn't have to spend his recovery in the dark with no TV or books! Cheers Peter. Glad you proved those docs wrong and lived! I bet you're glad too, eh?