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Posted By: jaze
05-Oct-06 - 08:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: Isn't maths clever?
Subject: RE: BS: Isn't maths clever?
Math has always been the absolute bane of my existence. I'm back in school working on a BS degree. I need to take a college level math course. I was thinking of trying it next semester. Already I have a terrible knot in my stomach. This one course could decide if I will eventually get my degree. I have vivid memories of math class in Catholic school. If we had 10 problems for homework and I did 9 of them , without fail, the one I couldn't do would be the one the nun sent me to the board to do. All the other kids would finish theirs and return to their seats. I would be left standing there without a clue. The nun would then pace back and forth behind me, rosary beads clinking and the hair on my neck standing up in anticipation of what was to come. Then she would make me face the class. She would pinch my cheek, then twist and BOOM BOOM BOOM she'd bang my head against the blackboard. I swear I saw stars and heard birds tweeting like in the cartoons.(of cousrse my friends were all sitting there about pissing their pants to keep from laughing) But this never helped my math ability. I hate math worse than leprosy! I'm now wondering two things:
1. Is there really anything on earth I want enough to take this class?
2. Is there a hynotist I can go to who can make me understand it?