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Posted By: Amos
07-Oct-06 - 12:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
"We have actually touched the Borderland where Matter and Force seem to merge into one another, the shadowy realm between the Known and Unknown ... I venture to think that the greatest scientific problems of the future will find their solution in this Borderland, and even beyond; here, it seems to me, lie Ultimate Realities, subtle, far-reaching, wonderful."

– Sir William Crookes, 1879

It was not known then, and is scarcely acknowledged now, that there is an intimate connection through these boundary regions between perception, reality and the thin layer between them that defines human nobility, the BS layer. Like a flimsy sandwich wildly oscillating in 7 dimensions simultaneously, this composite construct defines the region of the mind-matter-spirit paradox and reveals, as one always knew would someday occur, its rational architecture hidden beneath its phantasmagorical presentation to the casual inquirer.

For it is here, in this multi-dimensional layering, that the true nature of reality and the inexplicable attraction of BS can be explained.

It is toward the end of making this discovery more widely known and more greatly appreciated, especially by those leading members of our beguiled society, that they might remove, by their influence, the shadows of both wilful and innocent obscurity under which we all have hitherto fallen for most of our days, that this small work (which properly seeks to elevate the part understood to be played by BS in the Cosmic Scheme to which we all are heir) is commited.

This work seeks, in its nature, to serve all Mankind. But in its proper realm and time, it is only meet that it be dedicated to William of Orange.

Seamus Two-Shoes Ogami
Poet Laureate of the West African Union of Nations