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Posted By: LilyFestre
10-Oct-06 - 01:55 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'you're so old...' jokes needed for 60th
Subject: RE: BS: 'you're so old...' jokes needed for 60th
We joke about age in my family. My Nana, who is 80+ years old informs me that age is a state of mind and by watching her, I'd say she's absolutely correct! She and my grandfather were still rollerskating (holding hands...isn't that SWEET?!) when they were in their mid 70's. Rock on, people!

I think you really have to know your audience to make wise cracks about age. Some people can laugh at themselves and some can't. Some folks don't mind the number at all while others become depressed. But ashamed? What on earth would a person feel ashamed of their age for? If anything, it's an ACCOMPLISHMENT!!!!! :)

I hope that when I turn 50, 60, 70 and beyond that I can laugh about it and think back on what a wonderful life I've had and how fortunate I am. :)