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Posted By: Betsy
12-Oct-06 - 03:54 AM
Thread Name: Ewan MacColl - coward or traitor?
Subject: RE: Ewan MacColl - coward or traitor?
The words in the provocative title thread is not warranted or proven, if they were-the British Army would have dispensed their usual abrupt summary justice. They were not exactly known for their understanding-manner especially in wartime.
There must be more to this matter for McColl to have avoided a firing squad or execution.
There is a possibility if his Communist leanings and connections were as strong as have been suggested , that , someone in the Establishment could have pulled strings to "save" him.
This self-same establishment which was generally made up of Oxford / Cambridge fine gentlenmen , who were, in turn, riddled with Fascist and Communist cliques. Dangerous and intriguing times certainly.
I'm sure there was a time in the 50's/60's that all beatniks / folkies were thought of as "Commies".Will we ever know ?