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Posted By: Bob Bolton
12-Oct-06 - 09:20 AM
Thread Name: Tune Req: Judas and Mary (Sydney Carter)
Subject: Tune Add: JUDAS AND MARY (Sydney Carter)
G'day again Mick,

Well - I can see why you have changed to 3/4 ... it needs to be a very slow 6/8 to come out at the song's right tempo from the Galliard transcription! (And I find I fall somewhere between your posting and the 'dots' in the Galliard book for the second group of 3 notes at the start of each line.)

Ah well, it was back in 1971 that I heard Sydney sing this ... and around 1977 I actually played it on a melody instrument (a Bb fife, that was in my hiking pack, a couple of days into the Cradle Mt National Park, Tasmania!).

This is how the old ("No longer supported by Mudcat") Alan of Oz MIDItext app renders the ABC component:

ABC format:








Incidentally, when I try to use the converter ... I get my key of 'G' music written in 'C' - with sharpened Fs ... and one note that seems to pop up one octave! I don't think the fault is in the - more likely in the elderly MIDItext app.

Have fun with it (before Stainer & Bell come round demanding all songs of Sydney Carter be removed, lest it compromise their claims for royalties on tunes he never claimed to have written!)