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Posted By: Canberra Chris
12-Oct-06 - 10:44 AM
Thread Name: BS: Do You Ever Dream Jokes?
Subject: RE: BS: Do You Ever Dream Jokes?
Yes I do. I woke up laughing one morning because I had dreamed of two young frogs bragging. One said, "My Daddy says that when I grow up I can put my elbows on the table." The other one said "That's nothing, my Daddy says that when I grow up I can put my legs on the plate."

Ouch! Pretty black, eh?

I have also dreamt music, and poetry - very rarely of course, you have to be dreaming it, and then woken up by something while in the dream, and then able to recall and hold it long enough to get it down. When I woke with dreams more often I got good at staying just asleep enough to hold it, and awake enough to write it down.

I managed this way to get the whole of the following poem down intact, which I have had published, though I consider myself to have channelled it from heaven knows what rather than written it. I think I must have been eavesdropping on angels.


Until the first of us three leave,
Our conversation shall be on this earth
Although not of it

For as we three are star children
Our ears are attuned to sounds
Beyond this world

Of music shall our first discourse be,
Whose harmonies shall lead us on
And outward to the spheres

Our conversation shall lose gravity,
Becoming light and subtle as the waves
Of pure intelligence

Our subject next shall be philosophy,
Whose knots undone shall like dissected webs
Yield strands of different kinds

For that's the very fabric of our thought,
We only see the clear warp of our thought
And not the hidden weft

Thus are our minds connected and transfigured,
Harmonies shimmering between the words
Like sympathetic strings

And shall we talk of spirits? Ah. no need,
They mingle in our minds and mouths and hush us
As a celestial sea.

                                  Remembered from a dream by Chris Clarke

Holding and getting all that down exactly was the biggest effort of concentration in my life. I had to stay half asleep and half awake for over an hour. I do write, but not like that. I didn't know until some time later that 'web' is also a technical term for fabric formed of warp and weft.

At least I had a good excuse for getting up late!