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Posted By: Greg B
12-Oct-06 - 05:08 PM
Thread Name: Ewan MacColl - coward or traitor?
Subject: RE: Ewan MacColl - coward or traitor?
It seems there's a distinct difference between the work of Ewan
MacColl and, for example, a Barry Manilow.

I think one could, in fact, argue that Barry Manilow's life outside
of his work is nobody's business but his own and doesn't bear scrutiny
in the public forum.

It seems to me, however, that MacColl's work was, by definition,
more of an extension of his life and therefore his character than
that of your average 'pop star.' Indeed one quite had the impression
that much of his work was in the way of telling people how to live,
governments how to govern, and so on.

When one puts oneself in such a position, telling people how to live
and governments how to govern, etc., one opens oneself up for
scrutiny as to how one lives and governs oneself.

And that's what is happening here.