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Posted By: JohnInKansas
14-Oct-06 - 08:37 AM
Thread Name: Help - Buying a Dulcimer
Subject: RE: Help - Buying a Dulcimer
Doe 1

It's difficult to tell much about a particular dulcimer without actually seeing an example - either the specific instrument or samples of the maker's work; but something in the range of $100 to $150 is typical for entry level dulcies.

The Apple Creek appears to be from a maker large enough to be sold by a number of dealers, but I don't find a "factory website." I didn't see the "Learn to Play" package at a couple of shops I glanced at, but One Random Shop shows the dulcimer itself (no "kit" included?) at $99.95 list, "our price $64.98."

The places showing lowest prices give no description of the instrument other than "very nice." At least one slightly higher ($89.00) place indicates plywood top and sides - often a characteristic of "Chinese Factory" instruments, which can be very nice but also can vary in quality. One other place posts an ad for a "solid top" but gives no info at the site to substantiate that it's a different instrument.

I'd be "cautious" about this instrument, just because of the "mass marketing" appearance. This may be the same instrument sold at Walmart, which has NOT been favorably reviewed by experienced players; or it may be a pretty good starter instrument. It's just impossible to tell without more info than is available from the sellers I looked at.