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Posted By: catspaw49
14-Oct-06 - 08:52 AM
Thread Name: Help - Buying a Dulcimer
Subject: RE: Help - Buying a Dulcimer
DOE1......Without going back over all the ground covered in all of the linked threads here which are an excellent background for you, let me cut to the chase. Lots of 'Catters have purchased THIS ONE and been extremely happy. It is a very nice instrument which works for beginners and will make you happy as an advanced player as well.   Solid woods and good construction at a great price...hard to beat. Matter of fact, the price difference wouldn't buy a tank of gas nowadays. Check the threads for some good books like Jean Ritchie's (a classic) and you'll be set.

Sorry if that seems bossy and blunt but you wanted good advice and that's it! (:<)) Good luck and welcome to Mudcat!