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Posted By: NH Dave
15-Oct-06 - 04:32 PM
Thread Name: Help - Buying a Dulcimer
Subject: RE: Help - Buying a Dulcimer
Doe 1

    Before you lay out $ 120, check out Folk, do a search for dulcimer, go to the second page, and you'll get a bunch of hits for Howie Mitchell's work on playing an Appalachian Dulcimer. There's enough on any of these cassettes, or CD's, especially if you order his book, Howie Mitchell - The Mountain Dulcimer (BK29)*, to keep you busy until you decide that you really need the more expensive training kit.

    BTW, if a dulcimer sounds too soft, lay in on a table or a hollow core door, with a little space between it and the table, and you will find it sounds a lot louder. Most dulcimers have small feet on their back side to provide the spacing.

    All the best,


* At one time the Patons offered a special deal on the record/cassette/CD and the book together, but this may have gone the way of $ 1.50 gas. It won't hurt to check though.