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Posted By: Barry Finn
16-Oct-06 - 01:54 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Whaler's Lament / Whalerman's Lament
Hi Nancy-Jean, long time no hear, hope all's well.
From Gale Huntington's "Songs the Whalemen Sang".

Whalerman's Lament

"Twas on the briny ocean
On a whaleship I did go
Oft times I thought of distant friends
Oft times I thought of home
Remembering of my youthful days
It grieved my heart full sore
And fain I would return again
To my own native shore

Through dreary discontented
I then resolved to go
My fortune on the seas to try
To ease me of my woe
I shipped me on a whaleship
To sail without delay
To the Pacific Ocean
There for a while to stay

Through dreary storms & tempest
And through some heavy gales
Around Cape Horn we sped our way
To look for sperm whales
They will rob you they will use you
Worse than any slave
Before you go a-whaling boys
You best be in your graves
They'll flog you for the least offense
And that is frequent too
And the best that you will get from them
Is plenty more work to do
So do it now or damn your eyes
I will flog you till you're blue
My boys I wouldn't say it all
But it is all too true

But if I ever return again
A solemn vow I'll take
That I'll never go a-whaling
My liberty to stake
I will stay at home
And I will roam no more
For pleasures are but few my boys
Far from our native shore

from the Catalpa 1856