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Posted By: Murray MacLeod
17-Oct-06 - 05:26 PM
Thread Name: YouTube Folkmusic Video PermaThread
Subject: YouTube Folkmusic Video Thread
  • Welcome, everybody, to the Mudcat YouTube Folkmusic Video Thread.
  • The purpose of this thread is to build up a library of links to recorded music on the Internet in the folk/blues idiom, most of which (but not necessarily all) will be in the form of YouTube videos. Some overlapping between jazz on the one hand and classical on the other is probably inevitable from time to time, but the focus is firmly on folk/blues.

  • Most of the links will be to YouTube videos, but links to archived radio broadcasts will also be welcome, as will links to video sites other than YouTube. Members and guests are equally welcome to submit recommendations.

  • For the purposes of this thread, "folk/blues" has to be classified into several different categories, (as outlined below) in order to facilitate searches for recommendations.
  • The criteria for inclusion in this symposium are, that the videos should be :

    A) of outstanding musical worth and /or
    B) of historical significance.
    ( except in the case of McGrath of Harlow's eclectic videos and Mudcatters's Own Videos ).

  • The criteria are unashamedly subjective, (ie I decide) but the selections are always open to comment on the sister thread We Need a YouTube Permathread.

  • This thread is purely for links to YouTube (or links to other online resources) . Posts will be deleted as soon as the links have been incorporated, and posts which do not contain suggested links will be deleted immediately.(This amendment made 25 February 2007)
  • Any comments, complimentary or otherwise, should be directed to the thread referenced above. We Need a YouTube Permathread

  • Please post links to specific videos, and not to lists of videos by any one performer, or group of performers. Normally, there will only be one link to any one performer, since YouTube will supply cross-references to other performances.

  • Please stay within the boundaries of "folk/blues" as far as possible. These boundaries are wide, I know, but I will not be putting up any links to pop and /or classical , unless they have significant connections to the folk/blues tradition.

    Enough of the rules, on to the content. The classifications are as follows.

  • Americana

  • Vocal and instrumental performances in the American tradition.

  • Blues

  • Blues performances, vocal and instrumental.

  • Irish

  • Vocal, instrumental, and dance performances in the Irish tradition.

  • English

  • Vocal, instrumental, and dance performances in the English tradition.

  • Scottish

  • Vocal, instrumental, and dance performances in the Scottish tradition.

  • African

  • Vocal, instrumental and dance performances from the various African traditions.

  • Contemporary

  • stuff from contemporary songwriters

  • World

  • Anything which doesn't fit into any of the above categories.

  • Almost all links will belong to one of the categories above, but I am also creating several
    instrumental categories, many of the links in these will be duplicated in one of the categories
    above, but it will make it easier for anybody searching for instrumental performances.

  • Guitar

  • Guitar performances of outstanding merit.

  • Mandolin

  • Mandolin performances of outstanding merit.

  • Banjo

  • Banjo performances of outstanding merit.

  • Fiddle

  • Fiddle performances of outstanding merit.

  • Pipes

  • Piping performances of outstanding merit.

  • Miscellaneous

  • Any instrumental performances which do not belong to any of the above categories.

  • Eclectic videos recommended by McGrath of Harlow

  • Self-explanatory

  • Mudcatters' own videos

  • Videos of performances by members of Mudcat