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Posted By: GUEST, Tom Bliss
26-Oct-06 - 08:24 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Submixers or switches
Subject: RE: Tech: Submixers or switches
I use the smallest Behringer mixer mounted on my guitar stand for this purpose. I tried switches, but as some of the instuments do not have onboard controls it was better to use a mixer and have more control. It's useful to be able to tweak the volume or eq when necessary, as different PAs seem to require a different sub mix. I have it set up vertically (upside down, actually, so the leads trail from the bottom) and then use the volume knobs to the centre detent as on/off switches, unless I need extra cut or boost, in which case I can miss the centre point. I can also tweak the main volume if needed. The Behringer only has trims on two channels (I use five, including the fx return), so I use the pan pots to set up the basic balance between two guitars, a mandocello, a pair of mics (combined) for squeeze boxes) and sometimes mandolin or dulcimer. It works very well, and sound guys are always relieved that they only have one channel to manage - having seen me walk in with the contents of the Music Room shop window!