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Posted By: Mooh
26-Oct-06 - 08:26 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Submixers or switches
Subject: RE: Tech: Submixers or switches
I sometimes use a Behringer 6 channel sub-mixer to switch between instruments. To mute the instruments I used to use a volume pedal but lately I've been using Planet Waves switch cables, or the instrument's volume control if there is one. I don't see or hear a down side as the mixer has decent preamps on every channel, phantom power for the condenser mics when necessary, channel and master volumes, packs small and light, and is reasonable quiet. Lots of other brands of such mixers are available too.

For a more basic setup for two instruments I use an Radial Bigshot A/B/Y passive switch pedal. Combined with individual instrument preamps (mostly Boss, Zoom, and Behringers), it works as well and everything is at my feet keeping my hands free to play. Somewhere in my bag there's also a perfectly servicable but ancient DOD A/B pedal too.

Use good quality cables, no longer than necessary when possible.


Peace, Mooh.